Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Well, Well, Well... its been a while

so yea I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new song cuz it's saying you think I'm guilty of doing something with out the facts. Duffy is awesome! so basically I'm saying yea I'm motherfucking guilty for hating on bitches tired of the bull shit in sl cuz i wont have it. you got to say something to my face say it to my face people pussy footing i got a mouth and I will use it. on a lighter note i dumped like a ton of cunts and i am happy partnered with my babe for 8 months and i am revamping my mens fashion blog in to the best thing :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

and the winner is.....im back bishes!

hello yall. i am back on my lovely break! thank gods cuz family gets annoying after a while! so ima be getting in to thing and hopefully having fun and seeing all the trash as usual! tho i have sen some in the past week since i been popping on and off. so i got to go i need to get things done. i just soooo needed to tell my loves family friend stalker and haters that this bish is back.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trash on a break.

so since i been busy with work (only a lil tho) its huge right now with fashion week and my cousin here visiting. i am taking a huge break from second life and all the trash that is in there. i realized that some people only come in because they are pathetic lowlife cunts who have no friends. yes that is the very truth. i came in cuz i wanted to escape my busy rl plus think about it what is better spent over 100usd on clubbing getting drunk then saving your money for nice things like a vacation or paying your bills you know the thing that comes every month... but some are so pathetic they don't pay their bills, cheat on there rl partners, start drama, ignore there children. hell my best friend in rl is in sl and she has kids guess what when they are acting out she takes care of them. sl is not what it used to be. look at the whole emerald scandal. pathetic. yes its okay for others to do a viewer but not the ones who really wanted to do it. i know im not leaving but i will stay till it burns down. i just wont care anymore the cunts that troll it. when you have age, wisdom, and good looks. people look and are jealous i see it first hand.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aleide - Fashion Show in Second Life

A LondonNY Productions

Owner & Designer: Aleida Rhode

DJs: Tatianna Faulkes & Rychatt Zepp

Fashion Show Host: Carley Benazzi

Videography: Willilicious Georgette

Models & Outfits:

1-2 pm slt:

Cheryl Genira

Aya gown - tomatopure
Moulin Rouge
Wipsty minidress - plum

emanuelle Courtois

Graca Machel - black
Kabarette - mistyrose
Wipsty minidress - burlerywood

Giada Oh

Kabarette - bittechocolate
Wipsty minidress - silverstar
Malou gown II - tahiti
The Bride

Pure Nikolaidis

La Memoire
Malou gown II - Rio
Wipsty Minidress - indigo
Nostalgia - red

Veronica Krasner

Wipsty minidress - black
Reconte d automne - black
The 4 elements - water
Aya gown - black

2 - 3 pm slt:

Ananya Mai

La Petite - black/fuchsia
Malou gown II - Rio
Nostalgia - black
Wipsty Minidress - tomatopure

Klita Slade

Kabarette - tomatopure
La memoire - black
Malou gown II - Delhi
The 4 elements - Fire

Marijana Aries

Recontre d automne - pink
The 4 elements - air
Kabarette - indigo
Malou gown II - Zansibar

Nemi McCoy

Malou gown II - Tahiti
La Douce Fourrure - black
The 4 elements - earth
Kabarette - plum

Doctor Rockit - Cafe De Flore (Charles Webster's Latin Lovers Mix)
Gotan Project - Diferente
Dimitri From Paris - A Very Stylish Girl (Pull From NYC Mix)
Club Des Belugas - Hip Hip Chin Chin
Soft Cell - Tainted Love
The Dandy Warhols - The Dope (Wonderful You)
Gipsy Kings - Bamboleo
All Saints - Black Coffee [Neptunes Rmx]
Anouk - Girl
Duffy - Mercy
Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Alex Gopher remix)

Thank You to Everyone who showed up.


Highend Fashion Couture

Visit @ http://slurl.com/secondlife/fresh/140/63/1086

The Wedding Of Aquarius Vacano & Strike Exonar [Second Life]

Sorry forgot to post it!

The Wedding Party.
Bride: Aquarius Vacano
Groom: Strike Exonar

Maid of Honor: Winter Littlething
Best Man: Chevy Farshore

Bride's Maids:
Bella925 Blackheart, Karra Garnet, LIsa Tuxing, Raine Radikal,
Seremela Saunders, ; BlackDahlia Rodenberger

Javlin Rufus, NickCA Dittmann, Tyce Pinazzo, JamesAndrew Ravenheart,
Sim Myoo, Stud Dirval

Flower Girl: Ashlynne Ramsay

Father of the Bride: Stud Dirval

Minister: BlackDahlia Rodenberger

Wedding Designed By:
~Happily Ever After Weddings~
Lisa Tuxing & Koto Kuu

Photographers: Lisa Tuxing & Javlin Rufus

Wedding Planner: Javlin Rufus

DJ: Sim Myoo & Aquarius Vacano

Wedding Attire.
Bride, Maid of Honor, Bride's Maids, & Minister's dresses By:
Adriana Ellisson of Sparkling Sugar

Flower Girl's Dress By:
Babydoll Stardust of Babydolls Boutique

Groom, Best Man, Grooms Men, Father of The Bride by:
Blaze Columbia of Blaze* Fashions

Videography & Flowers By:
LondonNY Productions
Willilicious Georgette

Friday, July 16, 2010

LionSkins - Skin Show in Second Life

A LondonNY Productions

Willilicious Georgette

Runway Built By:
CEOs: Nanaki Raymaker & WIllilicious Georgette

LionSkins by CEO Lion Jonesford

Top Model:
Carley Benazzi

The Looks.
Skin: Lionskins - Nova - blonde 3
Hair: VANITY - Colateral Blonde
Eyelashes: Mimai Noalpha Lashes n17
Outfit: Glam Affair Xania Nlue
Shoes: ; Stiletto Moody Bare - Ava - Nude
Bracelet: Pacadi Jasha Tahta Bangles - Platinum

Skin: Lionskins - Nova - sun 4
Hair: MAGIKA - Monday
Outfit: Leltuka Lingerie - Amber
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Anita
Earrings: Morantique Lush Rita Nera
Ring: Rozoregalia+RR+* Rosenkavalier* Handring

Skin: LionSkins - Nikita - 5a cute
Hair: [69] - ME - Light Chestnut
Outfit: Linc Ibiza Bikini Tartan
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare - Ginger
Earrings: Morantique Solaris
Bracelet: Pacadi Jasha Tahta Bracelet Bronze

Skin: LionSkins - Nikita - Meanie 8a
Hair: :BW: Toss me Around Espresso
Outfit: Lelutka Louise Lingerie
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare - Ginger
Bracelet: Pacadi Jasha Verandi Bangle Silver tone

Skin: LionSkins - Yin Dark 6
Hair: Madesigns - Akami - Espresso
Outfit: Leezu - Boho Bikini - Black
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Lucille Boots

Skin: LionSkins - Yang - Midnight 4
Hair: Lelutka - Dark Hair Pony Wrapped
Outfit: Miamai - Bea Brown Swimsuit
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare - Ginger Black
Earrings: Eshi Otawara - Black Holly Hoops
Ring: Dianthus Ring - Eshi

Skin: LionSkins - CyberPunk 2
Hair: Epoque - Fashion Pop Hair White
Shoes: Steve McQueen Goth Boots - Heroes of Fashion

Skin: LionSkins - CyberPunk 7a
Hair: Mirai Style+*Bell*+ Black
Shoes: Courtisane - Allumeause - Black Boot
Bracelet: Lou Lou Enigma

Visit LionSkins for Skins to fit your Everyday Looks,
or to Complete your Model Look.

Main Store:



Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You (Trevor Loveys Remix)
Erika Jayne - Pretty Mess (Dave Aude Club Mix)
Estelle - Freak (Plastik Funk Remix)
Kelly Rowland ft David Guetta - Commander (Extended Mix)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Niece's Wedding - JocelynStarr Fraker & Dwyhte Flagon's Second Life Wedding

The Wedding of

JocelynStarr Fraker & Dwyhte Flagon

Saturday 19th June 2010

And They Lived Happily Ever After.

The Wedding Party.

Bride - JocelynStarr Fraker
Groom - Dwyhte Flagon

Maid of Honor - Emmaley Blaisdale
Bestman/Dwyhte's Dad/Land Owner - Chad1Baxton

BridesMaid/Jocelyn's Mom - Helena Geiger
GroomsMan - Nasty Tigerpaw

Ring Bearer/Jocelyn's Lil brother - Cayden Godric
Flower Girl/Jo & Dw's Daughter/DJ - Iphoria Topaz

Father of the Bride - Stevo Arkin
Minister/Dwyhte's Mom - Gabriella Meriman
Photographer - Nickos Brandenburg

A LondonNY Productions ©2010

Wedding Planning, Venue Build, Decorating, & Videography
By: CEO Willilicious Georegette

In Cooperation With
Precious Memories Weddings

Alter, Wedding Animations, & Reception Area
Provided By: CEO Stud Dirval

Wedding Attire
Bride's Dress By: Telle Trezuguet of Bitter Bunnie Designs

Maid of Honor, Bride's Maids, & Flower Girl's Dresses
By: Candii Destiny & Gwendalynn Beck of Candii Kitten Kids Store

Groom, Best Man, Groom's Men, & Ring Bearer's Suits
By: Blaze Columbia of Blaze* Fashions

Thank You All who participated in
the wedding and attended.

Amerie - Why Don't We Fall In Love
Dj Sammy & Yanou - Heaven Candlelight
Kelly Clarkson - A Moment Like This
Spice Girls - 2 Become 1
Agnes & Björn - When You Tell the World You're Mine

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kurogane Graves & Asami Schnyder Rezzday in Second Life

First Video iz ever made :) eat your heart out...

3rd Rezzday of The Twins

Kurogane Graves & Asami Schnyder

16th June 2010

A LondonNY Productions © 2010

Decorations, DJing, Videography
By: Ceo Willilicious Georgette

Textures & Pictures
By: Ceo Nanaki Raymaker

Thanks to All who
Helped & Attended

Pitbull ft. Black Point, Sensato, El Cata, & Lil Jon - Watagatapitusberry

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Pretty Mess Happy Fashionable & Party Hard 4th July SL & RL!

 So I went to see the fab fireworks on the Hudson. Did I mention I like... so..... live in the ghetto. it was fab. I laughed so much. at how some people are ghettoer then iz. i got vids will post them. :) also I went so some fashion thing let me tell you how disappointed I was no mens fashion what so ever. Hello Designers, Hello people who do Content Creations there are men out there str8 & gay and I know there are women out there who want there man to look good. yall need to like put your heads together and get your act together. MEN want to look good! fuck this. I want  look good i'm tired for having to repeat clothing... yea okay i do in rl its not like sl got to get your size and shit and see if you don't look a hot mess in it. lol .... but there needs to be something new innovative out there that will make people go OHHH AHHHH like fireworks. get the picture? and no i'm not talking about that mens fashion week cuz that was a mess too. so anyway to sum up this post.



I Leave you with this fab Vid/Song by Mz Erica Jane - Pretty Mess

Friday, July 2, 2010

Coming Soon to an SL Video screan Near you. ... Maybe.

Oh Lawd no i learned how to make videos and i been so busy just puttering around sl. We will see what things I have up my sleeve. hmm I'm liking this new thing from blogger it just looks fab don't it?

Monday, June 14, 2010

OH BTW to stroke my ego!

I got picked to be an Second Life 7th Birthday DJ!

Check the Calendar for The time and Slurl!

As SL Turns. or as SL turns around some people.

Well I finaly took a week off after that pride week and lets not go there.
Talk about cliques...ugh.

BTW Talk about EGO with some people the size of 100sims. I'll be making my own biased list. Yes I'm a bitch you can kiss my mother fucking white ass. To the one person I am happy for him but still irritated by the others but then that is how I feel. Trust me its not Jealous. I don't get jealous of trash.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cuz i am a complete Bitch

if anyone would like to know ill first torture you with hot gay mob then ill put you into a volcano.

kisses :P

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sim Owners, Club Onwers, DJs, Group Owners so on.

Now I know most people think I am a bitch cuz I say what is on my mind. Now I am fed up as a DJ when I see and know people are doing this and am standing up to it. If you suck or your djing skills suck or your club sucks or venue sucks and you got to mass tp people in to a club then maybe you suck. I am fed up with it completely. If no one wants to go to your gigs then maybe you need to reevaluate yourself, or you maybe just suck? Think about it. Whatever happened to quality over quantity? like come on i get fucking tped when im djing and oh lets blind tp willi cuz he has no life right? or tp me when im fucking my man in bed and land in a club naked dick stiff as a rock? or wait naked like a ken doll on a pose stand editing something and poof into a club i go. like fucking seriously enough is enough stop the fucking blind tping i never EVER do that to people on my friends list why cuz they are your friends not a horde of drones to tp everywhere you are! people have an sl life, Like Some of us have a RL!

Friday, April 23, 2010


the bad things to do to noobs.

when ever a noob asks for help tell them : ctrl + Q

noob: how do i get rid of lag?
sl elder: hit ctrl + q.
noob offline

noob: i lost something i just bought how to i find it?
sl elder: hit ctrl + q.
noob offline

noob: nothing is rezzing to me how do fix that?
sl elder: hit ctrl + q.
noob offline

noob: how do i get lindens?
sl elder: hit ctrl + q.
noob offline

noob: how do i activate voice?
sl elder: hit ctrl + q.
noob offline

noob: How do I get the free cock so I can have sex?
sl elder: hit ctrl + q.
noob offline



Where is Antarctica?
robby : Africa?
djbarnsely: north pole?


Friday, April 16, 2010

Why I dislike Many people in SL.

If you think your something RL and your tying to bring it in to this virtual world. It will not work. In SL only emotions Show and people hide behind that computer screen. People who have a complex thinking they are something cuz they Own Land(s)/Sim(s), DJ, Model, be a Builder. I see many of them and i laugh right in front of there pixel avi face. Why you are thinking. well fist think about people who are real in sl. People who are nice to actual people no picking not being a bitch they live there sl life full of peace and joy. People who are humble in rl are humble in sl. Now the ones who are bitchy and think they are all that. They have nothing in rl & sl they are trying to be so popular and keep the same people like them around, cuz they never had it so they want it here with that thought of a second life a second chance at it. Think of it like this. An sl model they go to modeling school to what edit their appearance? Learn how to walk give me a break. you could be sitting there anorexia or fat as a whale doing god knows what as your walking down that sl runway. DJ schooling as well? RL dj in sl? if your so good then dj in RL not here. i understand with age it is hard to get around but if your so good you could be out there and not in here being a diva. I learned to DJ reading and finally someone who i thank everyday that helped me with my Djing. He called me and walked me threw it. Some builders charge astronomical amounts for a building or clothing for what fame & fortune? Remember you could be hot one min and the next your not. just like rl.

Moral of this story. if your going to be in sl play nice or you will fell the wrath of me and many other who are fed up with cunts.

to my friends who know me yes the list grows. lmao
-winks Willi

Monday, March 29, 2010

more fab quotes!

[13:57:14] Lion Jonesford: hi babe
[13:57:14] Willilicious Georgette: omg
[13:57:14] Ella Quinsette: pmsl
[13:57:18] Willilicious Georgette: um
[13:57:20] Willilicious Georgette: no.
[13:57:25] Ella Quinsette: lolol
[13:57:30] Lion Jonesford: wanna have me
[13:57:34] Ella Quinsette: lolol
[13:57:37] Willilicious Georgette: lion
[13:57:44] Willilicious Georgette: im so going to take a picture
[13:58:04] Willilicious Georgette: its so going in my profile

[2:32:26] NATALIE Niven: and my pussy sings the star spangled banner lol
[2:32:35] NATALIE Niven: with a cute irish accent
[2:32:37] Willilicious Georgette: omg

noob: hello
stig: do you wnat to fuck
noob: yes
stig: okay then fuck off

Exaggerations are best done in moderation.
I have a high DPS! (Digital Penis Size)
-HUGSaLOT Valkyrie

ONDUTY Penis whispers: Problem Currently no WhoreWare product provider online.

[14:50:58] Lion Jonesford: or he using this time vaseline for words
[14:51:00] Willilicious Georgette: drugs are bad.
[14:51:23] Willilicious Georgette: lion we homos upgraded we dontuse vaselen
[14:51:27] Willilicious Georgette: we use LUBE
[14:51:33] Lion Jonesford: ah kk
[14:51:38] Lion Jonesford: whats that btw
[14:52:21] Willilicious Georgette: lol
[14:52:22] Willilicious Georgette: http://www.cheaplubes.com
[14:52:29] Willilicious Georgette: there you go.
[14:52:35] Lion Jonesford: L..love U...ughhh B boy E...ehhh
[14:52:38] Lion Jonesford: kk got it
[14:52:41] Willilicious Georgette: LOL

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gesturebating with my brother.

[23:56:42] Robby Questi: Boom, Willi likes to fart, boomboom, Willi likes fart a lot, boomboom, Willi likes to fart, boomboom
[23:56:52] Willilicious Georgette: Leave ROBBY alone!!!
[23:56:55] Willilicious Georgette: just cuz he burned his stove.
[23:56:57] Willilicious Georgette: Leave ROBBY alone!!!
[23:56:59] Willilicious Georgette: just cuz he burned his stove.
[23:57:06] Willilicious Georgette: :P~~~~
[23:57:08] Robby Questi: I dunno what that chicken head fool is talkin about!
[23:57:15] Willilicious Georgette: ...Oh my God...
[23:57:17] Willilicious Georgette: ...You're a big lez!...
[23:57:24] Robby Questi: ❤ OOH LET'S HAVE SEX ❤
[23:57:25] Chaz Lupindo: lool
[23:57:29] Willilicious Georgette: no
[23:57:31] Robby Questi: Now that was fun!
[23:57:33] Robby Questi: Am I smiling? I can't tell!
[23:57:39] Willilicious Georgette: YES! YES! YES! YES!
[23:57:43] Willilicious Georgette: YES! YES! YES! YES!
[23:57:45] Robby Questi: lmaoooooooo
[23:57:50] Willilicious Georgette: LOL
[23:57:50] Cannibis Coleslaw: lol
[23:57:56] Chaz Lupindo: lool

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pink Linden now we know why it was born....LOL

Some supposed fashionista said a pink linden was born now we see he was only fucking it up the ass.

sorry late post working on a new blog.


-Willi xoxo :>

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Funny Quotes! Cleaning out quotes i Saved.

Partying at tbone...

Jonathon Beattie: WHat's the theme tonight?
Jonathon Beattie: who should I be looking at?
Willilicious Georgette: GETON THAT BOARD CONTEST 1130!
Ian Prevost: cum where you are
Ian Prevost: no
Ian Prevost: cum as uyou are
Jonathon Beattie: Naw.....not fair for me to enter this late in the game
Willilicious Georgette: LOL
Willilicious Georgette: omg

taking pics at my home with nanaki and carley...

[10:51:15] Nanaki Raymaker: I miss REAL mesical food
[10:51:15] Nanaki Raymaker: :(
[10:51:19] Nanaki Raymaker: maxican
[10:51:26] Nanaki Raymaker: :P
[10:51:29] Carley Benazzi: lol
[10:51:30] Willilicious Georgette: LOL

at Nats rezday party

(voice convo)
Willi : LOL shes for this quote in her profile "Dress shabbily and they remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman." - Coco Chanel and yet shes naked.
Nat : repeats the quote and adds "Dress Naked and take a pic of it placing it in your profile and your a Hurrrrrr!"
Willi : Translation Hurrrrr = WHORE!
Blazin: LMFAO

on a trip to the vagina!

[6:06] Aristoteles Allen: this is disgusting
[6:06] Aristoteles Allen: nope
[6:06] Ashliegh Aeon is Offline
[6:07] Ashliegh Aeon is Online
[6:08] Ashliegh Aeon: the vagina made me crash
[6:08] Willilicious Georgette: wb ash
[6:08] Ashliegh Aeon: eek!
[6:08] Ashliegh Aeon: lmao
[6:08] Ashliegh Aeon: hahahaha
[6:08] Ashliegh Aeon: lol
[6:19] Ashliegh Aeon is Offline
[6:19] SeanD Serpente is Offline
[6:20] Ashliegh Aeon is Online
[6:20] Ashliegh Aeon: The vagina had to get me ONE last time
[6:20] Ashliegh Aeon: ffs
[6:21] Ashliegh Aeon: lmao
[6:21] Ashliegh Aeon: haha
[6:24] Ashliegh Aeon is Offline

parting with deka at a femboy club

[13:32] Deka Triellis giggles and waves his pen0r at Will... just for the hell of it x3. Teehee x3
[13:33] Willilicious Georgette: ahah

taking to rawly lol

[20:57] Willilicious Georgette: rawly i got an idea
[20:57] Willilicious Georgette: we should make a group that is realy exclusive
[20:58] Willilicious Georgette: it would kill ammon orhis many peronalityes to try to get in it
[20:58] Rawly Rousselot: has anyone ever told you
[20:58] Rawly Rousselot: that you are a total dorkzilla?
[20:58] Willilicious Georgette: yes but i wear it well :)

at a club with the girls lol

[17:10] Stardust Pink: OMG! dellla
[17:10] Stardust Pink: I CAN SMELL YOUR CUNT!!
[17:10] Della Charlan: ~*~ Get in that bathroom and clean your twat!! ~*~
[17:10] Willilicious Georgette: There is no need for that dirrty language.. you dirrty mouth..
[17:10] Mikeila Waco: SHUTCHO ASS UP LIL BITCH!
[17:10] Della Charlan: lol

[17:18] Mikeila Waco: Dear Willi, i like the songs you play when you DJ. the end Love Mik
[17:18] Mikeila Waco: hahaa
[17:18] Ashliegh Aeon: lol

[12:09] Mikeila Waco: indivisibel

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Linden Lab you realy are out of touch.

Are you fucking kidding me? your ignoring people who Ar from emerald?
Get real LL your just pissed that emerald is way better then your crappy viewer.
Then to combat the copy botting problem your going to force everyone to the 2.0 beta viewer?
Rumors are flying bout the new 2.0 beta viewer.

one it sucks. no debate on it.

Maybe you should hire the emerald team to do your viewers.
oh better fact have a page that you can put the Emerald DL on it cuz it is the only viewer I will use.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yay for emerald!

Let me tell yall what emerald did thats fav with out doing the leg work.
..... click... delete .....bitches.
why the fuck you hiding from me bitches huh?
cuz you gots something to hide from.

don't forget if you see me not on your friends list. delete my contact card form your inventory. :)

ALso i like to tweet alot cuz i can do it from sl about things so hit that box on the side.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


lol isn't it sad some people post how many are reading there blog when all it is, is them refreshing the page? Mz Nat caught some rag trash supposed fashion blog doing that...

Quality over quantity.

btw didn't you know slinworldtoday is back go read btw HI Antarctica! LOLz
that was just for you Nat.

and we know the traffic is real there why cuz people cant get enough of it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

got to love Sherly Q gesturebating.

[23:01:42] Willilicious Georgette: Today winner will recieeeeve the gift of kewl aid!
[23:01:46] Willilicious Georgette: Now available in all fahve fewd groops
[23:01:49] Willilicious Georgette: Red
[23:01:49] Willilicious Georgette: Erange
[23:01:50] Willilicious Georgette: Green
[23:01:51] Willilicious Georgette: Blue
[23:01:51] Willilicious Georgette: And turqwaz ;)
[23:01:52] Willilicious Georgette: Because you always need mo kewl aid! ;)
[23:03:35] Chaz Lupindo: *•.¸ Is it wrong that I was totally aroused by that? ツ ¸.•*
[23:04:26] Nanaki Raymaker: If you're considering becoming pregnant in Second Life...
[23:04:29] Nanaki Raymaker: Please..consult your doctor and find out
[23:04:32] Nanaki Raymaker: WHAT THE FUCKKKK YOUR PROBLEM IS :)

and Hi to Nat!
and Happy Bday to Regi :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


From the desk of the Willi insider!

Has the famous Drama Momma come back!? ... You found out what!? No way!

Stay tuned!

and if yall dont know who that is your just going to have to find out. :P


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

.. Omg i havent bloged in a while...

okay omg a lot has happened first yea Merry Christmas to who reads my crazy blog then also happy new year!... yes i'm late but a lot has been developing! i been like so neglecting my blog and flicker account i duno boredom? i got a twitter account yay!. but its not all wow cuz its like omg people will tweet about anything like omg i just burped or i just farted which i just did but yea :P basic rundown haters are still haters and there's still tons of trash in sl! hopefully soon it will be gone. lolz djing is awesome as usual. at least this bitch works for his money. you know i love gossip but yea it can get annoying. nanaki my lovely baby bro said that there should be an iq test and a psycho test to see if your actually a crazy fucking bitch and it will DENY your ass from getting in to sl. oh btw did you know that some people use there blogs to gain fame!? looks socked .. how sad....kisses for now....

btw did you see that mens fashion week sim omg what a joke!