Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fucking retarted computer! .. lol

okay my computer is having issues been happening for a while but like over the weekedn i was out 2 night woohoo Halloween was a blast. iget home and it wont log on then get the blue screen of death well whatever its on now sl wont load so i have been using metabolt its crap but im on so i can talk to my friends in text. ill be M.I.A from the scenes for about 2-3 weeks as a friend will fix this crap laptop to brand spanking new. i will be writing a very long article on the election, they think there popular cuz there mentioned in a blog cuz they have a blog thinking that there going to get traffic please. and dumb motherfuckers who are so stupid that the don't know English but try to know it and attack someone are you stupid? plus how dumb a blog is trying to get an interview the dumb fucker for there blog saying there a rival site are you stupid seriously? like your trying to compare your site to theirs. there is no completion. Oh like dumb asses who say yay obama when they ain't even in the sates the did not vote i voted so i can say yay fucking for obamma and down with the republican motherfuckers . then oh get this i got some guys in a group chat complaining about how the gay marriage was turned down like you didn't expect it? but ill get in to that soon. :P