Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sim Owners, Club Onwers, DJs, Group Owners so on.

Now I know most people think I am a bitch cuz I say what is on my mind. Now I am fed up as a DJ when I see and know people are doing this and am standing up to it. If you suck or your djing skills suck or your club sucks or venue sucks and you got to mass tp people in to a club then maybe you suck. I am fed up with it completely. If no one wants to go to your gigs then maybe you need to reevaluate yourself, or you maybe just suck? Think about it. Whatever happened to quality over quantity? like come on i get fucking tped when im djing and oh lets blind tp willi cuz he has no life right? or tp me when im fucking my man in bed and land in a club naked dick stiff as a rock? or wait naked like a ken doll on a pose stand editing something and poof into a club i go. like fucking seriously enough is enough stop the fucking blind tping i never EVER do that to people on my friends list why cuz they are your friends not a horde of drones to tp everywhere you are! people have an sl life, Like Some of us have a RL!


Nanaki Raymaker said...

Next blind TP - go there, pick them up, and throw them into the volcano!

Willilicious Georgette said...

mmm volcanoes I LOVE THEM!. You know me too well bro.


Today I was assaulted by 13 blind TP's within 5 minutes while I was having an energetic orgy and it ruined all my fun!
They seem to be getting worse as the competition for the clubs gets bigger!
I love your honesty man and I usually always agree with you!