Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Linden Lab you realy are out of touch.

Are you fucking kidding me? your ignoring people who Ar from emerald?
Get real LL your just pissed that emerald is way better then your crappy viewer.
Then to combat the copy botting problem your going to force everyone to the 2.0 beta viewer?
Rumors are flying bout the new 2.0 beta viewer.

one it sucks. no debate on it.

Maybe you should hire the emerald team to do your viewers.
oh better fact have a page that you can put the Emerald DL on it cuz it is the only viewer I will use.



Right fucking on dude! The 2.0 is so fucked it will drive anyone away with their arrogant crap!
Use Emerald!

Willilicious Georgette said...

lol yay thank you for agreeing with me ziggy :)