Thursday, June 26, 2008

Drama, Gossip and everything inbetween.

where do i start um lets see i have been so bust the past 3 days. its crazy i just was in some drama good friend of mine Kads needed to take time of SL. She Gave me her Club. it was a Big of a shock but im not surprised with a the drama that was floating then a cat fight. bit im going to make this work and Get the Club and Mall to its full Potential. i have a very good friend Clarke who is the General Manger we discussed good ideas and so on for the club. im just kind of scared with the rent i owned land once but i had some money when i rented this is totally different cuz i dont make that much in sl i build and stuff but i never cared about the money. and now i have to so make the rent. with that DEVILinside is on CPR cuz since Monday i haven't been there and some people have left. some things were discussed in IM about the club and what might happen but thats private. I hope they will be okay. i do care about that club alot.but im kinda torn cuz i think i might have to leave Di as wel cuz i need to spend as much time i can on !PiNKBiTZ!. eh i guess its just another crazy time in sl.

Monday, June 23, 2008

SL Mentors Dummies

SL Mentors are Special if the vid dont work here click that link

I was given this ling from my SL Bro omg I died what a dumb Bitch Shes Lucky I don't know her cuz id fucking report Her ASS then take her JOB... cuz I'm a nicer BITCH.. and Make LL Best Mentor.. then they would offer me a Linden Job with Linden Name and id take off all the trash in sl and i have a very nice list. muhahaha

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Banlist = Fame ....IM FUCKING FAMOUS!!!

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Allen Kaufmann
Andyy Beck
Axis Carter < owner of Devilfish
Ayor Action < owner of DEVILinside
Candle Landar
Carmichael Caudron
Colleen Bracken
Frolic Mills
Giancarlo Takacs < owner of Costa Rican Sims
Jarrod Beck < Owner of Belmore
KandA123 Magic
Katanzia McKenna < Owner Of
Kian Boucher
Krissy Sinclair
Luca Mielziner < Owner of DEVILinside
marcopol Oh < Owner of Marcopolo
PeeBee McMillan < Owner of PBM
Todd Beckham
Todd Sack
Ulyth Hax < Friend i know dont know what He owns
Willilicious Georgette <<<<<<< I'M FUCKING FAMOUS << i Closed my Shop due to copy cat mother fuckers lets see i dont own a club i dont own land.. so why am i here ? oh yea im accocated With DEVILinside right... so that gets me on a ban list...

Shamless Plugs...

well Lets see to this I am Manger at DEVILinside i also do Streaming/DJing there...and i Build Sets for the Them Parties when needed....

I Also am Builder at Pinkbitz , Manager, and DJ.....

I'm Guessing the people listed in my friends list pick will be banded as well due to association if you are unhappy being my friend then delete me... no hard fealings

and ill Be Manger of another Club as well but thats in the works....

You want to know about me well let me give YOU the basics...
I'm 24 years old I'm addicted to second life i have a degree in fashion design and merchandising from Kathrin gibbs school NYC
I'm doing Freelance and odd Jobs just to get the money in as the economy is down yes I fallow the news Regularly...i know Nyc like the back of my hand and will tell you the hot spots ... I'm gay obviously , drawing, reading , writing, SL , my cellphone , instant massaging, going to the movies the mall clubs Shout out to club Escos in nyc and the web hot places that I like not every other homo likes :) i love to build in sl i had my own shop but i closed it due to copy cats hopefully they will get taken down like the trash of InV. its funny what do InV of You? NOT a dam thing cuz i am ME AND NOT A CLONE. lets see you now im me if you need more info like my rl name and phone number and address so you can come and i CAN KNOCK THE FUCKING TEETH OUT YOUR MOTHER FUCKING MOUTH yes i am ghetto born and raised here in nyc mother fuckers you could not last one day not perfect and no one is if you are IM me cuz i want to laugh in your face.

Ending up with your ass on a ban list, is something that a lot of avatars try hard not to achieve. For me it is just a normal everyday occurrence, but for me there is just no such place as ban city-I go where I want to go.
I was a bit stunned, that I wasn't on the ban list here. It holds a lot of familiar names but then I am most probably on the "elite" region ban list.
Something struck me as kinda funny about this ban list. I recognized a name on it and I was just wondering, why you would put the name of your alt, on your own ban list.
Anyway, congrats to those who made it to this weeks famous ban list.

Wow i Feel Special seriously i had to repost this... cuz I'm tired of staying quite and i will say this theses are my views i have a brain .. I'm not an invouge clone. this post was Brought to my attention...

Here is my acceptance speech:
I Would like to thank and Nat for making me and the others listed Famous... i would like to thank the twat to banded me for making me Famous... cuz you are no one hunny you are trash dirt and so on but I'm not going to waste my breath... you know what I'm thinking. now as for some of the comments...i just so want to reply to them ...

>>>>>>>>>>Perfectly acceptable for anyone to ban who they like. That's the privilege of owning your own land, and part of what you pay money for. It is a permission made available by Linden Labs, who run Second Life. I have people on my banned list as well. So do other people.

If you are unsure about owner's rights and abilities to ban from their land, I am sure there is information on the Second Life website. Or you could contact the Lindens inworld, and express your disagreement with the right to ban.

I recognise a few names on this list too. Which reminds me, I will be adding them to my banned list, lol. Does that mean I get a story about me here next week?

Is this supposed to be news? Or gossip? Or what? I am lost. What is this story about? How is it relevant to anything? Why is this anyone's business or concern?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17/6/08 07:57

>>>>> YOU are a CUNT yes a CUNT cuz you don't fucking know any one on that list so go right ahead and ban me cuz i bet the place you own is trash

>>>>>>>>>> You are right. A lot of the names above are known in SL as swindlers, scammers, back-stabbers, etc, etc. Not just single attempts, but with very long track records. In fact, its a bit of a rogue's gallery, they should be on a wanted poster, lol. There are people in the list of possible good character, but unfortunately they are associating with those who are not.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17/6/08 08:25

>>>>> You Dont Fucking know Me Bitch nor any of the people on that list your a dumb mother fucker the people on that list are respectable people who try to say out of the fucking drama but guess what cuz a cunt like you GOT TO START THE DRAMA YOU DONT FUCKING KNOW ME BITCH CUZ IF YOU DID YOU WOULD NOT LAST.

>>>>>>>>>> Those names are on 1000 banned lists!

I would not want those animals on the same grid, never mind on the same sim!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17/6/08 08:55


>>>>>>>>>> Agree some big Losers up there. Thanks for the information. There are a few I going to add to my banned list I dont have already. smiles

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17/6/08 11:46


>>>>>>>>>>"Agree some big Losers up there." from anonymous.

Some of the people on the list are pretty well known, successful, own sims and well respected in SL.

Compare them to Ammon Pera who doesnt own a single sim, who runs around SL claiming to be a fashionista and owns a crappy mag, who backstabs his close friends, who scams people with this questionable contest, who has hooker alts, who threatens people if he doesnt like what is written about him or his mag, who exhibits paranoia and delusions of grandeur, who now associates with another shady character to advance his fledging career, etc...

Now, who do you think is/are the loser/s?

By Anonymous Ex-inVogue Reader, at 17/6/08 11:56

>>>>> thank you pat on your Back

>>>>>>>>>>Interesting Ban List - I wish it said where it was for...

I find it unusual to see the names of DEVILinside Management and crew in the same place as Devilfish Management (although strangely Dashkova Petrov and Rigrunner Rang aren't on the list, which seems very odd given that Ulyth is).

I guess at least whoever made this list is choosing to stay out of other disagreements going on in SL. If you are going to have ban lists, they should be for legitimate reasons, not to play one person off against another

By Blogger Gregster, at 19/6/08 05:34

>>>>> You know what Greg i used to like you but i poof you off my list cuz you got on my fucking last nerve... the way you blew up on me that gained you the remove button... and honestly i don't care what you say. your as bad as the person who you say was trying to do shit to you and honestly thats trashy we don't care who the fuck you don't like cuz they don't like you and i really DO NOT LIKE YOU :) you are now on my shit list have a nice day.

in conclusion i have crated the Elite Ban List of SL Group if you are featured as a banded person you get an invite! cuz we are now fucking Famous.any other info IM me.