Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Pretty Mess Happy Fashionable & Party Hard 4th July SL & RL!

 So I went to see the fab fireworks on the Hudson. Did I mention I like... so..... live in the ghetto. it was fab. I laughed so much. at how some people are ghettoer then iz. i got vids will post them. :) also I went so some fashion thing let me tell you how disappointed I was no mens fashion what so ever. Hello Designers, Hello people who do Content Creations there are men out there str8 & gay and I know there are women out there who want there man to look good. yall need to like put your heads together and get your act together. MEN want to look good! fuck this. I want  look good i'm tired for having to repeat clothing... yea okay i do in rl its not like sl got to get your size and shit and see if you don't look a hot mess in it. lol .... but there needs to be something new innovative out there that will make people go OHHH AHHHH like fireworks. get the picture? and no i'm not talking about that mens fashion week cuz that was a mess too. so anyway to sum up this post.



I Leave you with this fab Vid/Song by Mz Erica Jane - Pretty Mess