Tuesday, January 26, 2010


lol isn't it sad some people post how many are reading there blog when all it is, is them refreshing the page? Mz Nat caught some rag trash supposed fashion blog doing that...

Quality over quantity.

btw didn't you know slinworldtoday is back go read btw HI Antarctica! LOLz
that was just for you Nat.

and we know the traffic is real there why cuz people cant get enough of it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

got to love Sherly Q gesturebating.

[23:01:42] Willilicious Georgette: Today winner will recieeeeve the gift of kewl aid!
[23:01:46] Willilicious Georgette: Now available in all fahve fewd groops
[23:01:49] Willilicious Georgette: Red
[23:01:49] Willilicious Georgette: Erange
[23:01:50] Willilicious Georgette: Green
[23:01:51] Willilicious Georgette: Blue
[23:01:51] Willilicious Georgette: And turqwaz ;)
[23:01:52] Willilicious Georgette: Because you always need mo kewl aid! ;)
[23:03:35] Chaz Lupindo: *•.¸ Is it wrong that I was totally aroused by that? ツ ¸.•*
[23:04:26] Nanaki Raymaker: If you're considering becoming pregnant in Second Life...
[23:04:29] Nanaki Raymaker: Please..consult your doctor and find out
[23:04:32] Nanaki Raymaker: WHAT THE FUCKKKK YOUR PROBLEM IS :)

and Hi to Nat!
and Happy Bday to Regi :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


From the desk of the Willi insider!

Has the famous Drama Momma come back!? ... You found out what!? No way!

Stay tuned!

and if yall dont know who that is your just going to have to find out. :P


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

.. Omg i havent bloged in a while...

okay omg a lot has happened first yea Merry Christmas to who reads my crazy blog then also happy new year!... yes i'm late but a lot has been developing! i been like so neglecting my blog and flicker account i duno boredom? i got a twitter account yay!. but its not all wow cuz its like omg people will tweet about anything like omg i just burped or i just farted which i just did but yea :P basic rundown haters are still haters and there's still tons of trash in sl! hopefully soon it will be gone. lolz djing is awesome as usual. at least this bitch works for his money. you know i love gossip but yea it can get annoying. nanaki my lovely baby bro said that there should be an iq test and a psycho test to see if your actually a crazy fucking bitch and it will DENY your ass from getting in to sl. oh btw did you know that some people use there blogs to gain fame!? looks socked .. how sad....kisses for now....

btw did you see that mens fashion week sim omg what a joke!