Friday, January 30, 2009


Okay so i wasn't here for my sl rezday on Nov 17th cuz my retarded old computer. and shit im 2 years old now lol thats like 10 years per one year in sl so im 20 ahaha and since that i wasent here my rl birthday is in jan 11th ill just party with the jan people.

Click here for more info about the Party

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Da Bitch is Back!

Yes i am back in sl for all those who don't know and the party/drama is about to begin. i just got my new lap top took me a while since i had to use what i got to get the money. lol just kidding . well basically i ordered a computer with teh money i been making at my new job but they where taking way to long so i told them to shove it up there ass and give me my money back and they did and with that i got my new computer. i missed my sl birthday im fucking 2 years old now that's like 10 years old in rl cuz what one year in sl is like 5 years or more lol. but ill be celebrating my rl birthday "Jan 11th" on the Jan 30 with all of January's birthday peoples at JC's Birthday Event. Omg it was crazy yesterday got everyone iming me i Thank all my friends for being there still even tho i haven't been. i even got a write in on slinworldtoday from my big sis Nat. "To finish of a fabulous week, I got the IM I had been waiting for. Willilicious Georgette is back on the grid. I have missed Willi a lot," i was like omg you are to much. but its nice. then luca " Yes! What a week it's been and culminating in the return of our super butch, he-man, almost straight, grease monkey and tit loving willilicious, what could be better?" lol luca you betch ill get you! :P I'm not sure what i will do yet if i will dj or start a business but i want to do something good and fun.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

So Living life for the moment

as you all know my computer broke cuz i had way to much porn and web caming getting in them dollars LOL :P [only some have seen and some will never see cuz they just lozers] so at the moment i am working my butt off getting a computer i saved and finally ordered it. so its on its way and i will be back on SL :) but i been getting updates on the circus going on "sings the circus song" so with that said bye bye "dances"