Sunday, May 17, 2009

Very Event Full Satudrday

Since I know a lot of people and in mostly good group in SL, Goggle Reader, and Flicker. I get to see the Good events in SL. I started the Party day over @ Atlantis 2100- CLUB LEVIATHAN for the Fetish party and to benefit second pride they auctioned off a hot escort and made 3,500ls woohoo. I quick changed from straps to hot jeans and a tank shades and sneakers and tped out to go to the Costa Rica Sims for the Baiastice Fashion Show.

Clothing Fabulous every lady will want something in there closet from this shop just for spring. The set Omg Rawly Rousselot I just cant believe how hot this build is when he was like I duno fashion runways this was a while ago. I myself was thinking of building some prefab ones but dam my builds would look like chopped liver compared to the ones hes built. Show Finished with a Bang and Azu was on then getting the Party going i had to Tp out to a New Club. Touch is a new Club i got an invite to.

Really hot club they been doing this since Friday night and every DJ is Mixing LIVE so hot. DJ Kromus was killin it is so good and HI Xochi lol she made a lil voice appearance after the "set you free song" Kromus was mixing. so funny i was like where is you hun. shes like im right there just listen im like um okay. then after that i was so picking on her. lol. I <3 Xochi. so after that i got invited to a birthday party by regi but it was a false alarm just new club im like lol ima kick you. so i tped there. BeCool is the Club.

Mostly Spanish but was fun regi and i in voice most just typing. Muic from 2 djs i heard hot remixes with a Spanish flair. Dinner time came so afked for a moment got back and More people! stated a good 30 mins and then found out there was 2 rezz days there saying happy bday then reggi had to afk for his then back to Atlantis - LUCIFER'S REMORSE for Dj hot boys set. chilled talking giggled with Zander in ims. Once over then i tped to Aussie boys for a pool party for a moment. Stayed there said hi listened to music from DJ Muhu. Tped back home to fix an outfit for another party but i had to deal with some things then the net went out again lol dammed thunder storm but got back dealt with it and then to my final party over @ Atlantis @ Gabriels Promise for The House of Fact Fallen Angel Ball.

Omg 4 hours but i got there late and was scolded at lmao was funny DJ Braden on stream "Willi yay your here your late but yay your here" lol was only hour late i had to look hot. so for 3 hours dancing talking listening to hot beats. and finaly done tped to my friend shop talked a bit and crahed out when his partner arived


Saturday, May 16, 2009

FIERCE NightClub Second Pride Fundraiser Event

WOW!... What a night it was @ FIERCE NightClub and all to benefit a great event Second Pride 2009. DJ Kromus on the Decks hitting the beasts hard. Everyone chipping in donating to Second Pride. Here are some pics if you missed the event. Enjoy.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

L o s t A n g e l Industries Party!

Wow it was so hot i got there at 4PM DJ Kromus Korobase just started spinning. The event was a huge success. Produced by Studio Red Events. DJ Kromus was pumping out the beats hard and good. (Just like all gay men love something hard... lol) Here are the rest of the pics i took of the event. Enjoy.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Home & Garden Expo 2009 - 4 Sims Big


Wow I was just at the sims and they have so many beautiful homes, gardening/landscaping, and furniture items to fill your home and make it as beautiful as possible plus your are benefiting Relay for Life

A good friend of mine who dose the best builds in homes and is the Master Builder of Costa Rica sims Rawly Rousselot of Rousselot Construction has 2 builds up for sale at the event. and there hot!

Villa Relevo L$2,500

Villa Relevo gazebo w/ spa L$500 (not pictured)

All proceeds go to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Avatar and The Alter Ego [The Young and The Restless]

Wow i haven't blogged in like forever been having way to much fun in sl and rl. Where shall I start... Well I have been Djing a lot and been partying a lot. i been djing at my friends club called "CLUB ONYX" very cute and mixed crowd. I been playing a mix of club and hip hop music depending on my mood the owners mood and the event LOL. It's nice to mix it up. :) Also been djing and decorating at "BAD BOYS" helping out Justin and Joaopedro. That's going to be a weekly thing or monthly party thing that Justin and I are coming up with themes. We just did a beach theme and joao loves it and it's still there lol. A cool place I love to party at is "Atlantis 2100" Owned by Braden the whole sim is used with different locations where the hot parties happen they just recently opened a new summer location at the sim called "Leviathan". Also a new club "ATONEMENT" has opened on the Insllico Sims that Cannon and Throne have designed and wow its hot the Grand Opening was fun [laggy tho lol] but Dj Fine and Dj Kromus got teh party jumping. Besides that I been hanging out with my friends chilling on the land my baby brother and I live on. Just redid the land and its a tropical island. I Just found out today I won the blog contest on Jc's blog "Jordyn Carnell" [1:56] Jordyn Carnell: hello mr blog contest follower winner.. here ya go! . I'm cracking up cuz I so was like I'm not going to win this. and the pic he used lmao that's so not me. i wish. lmao. that's all for now see yas in world.

xox Willi