Monday, June 6, 2011

Willi by Asami Schnyder "Asian Outfit Series"

yay asa did my photo in one of his new series of "Asian wear".

Givin' you some SHOULDER ACTION!

I'm his assistant if you want a photo you got to go threw to me first!

His Photo Stream :


Style Credits:
Photographer: Asami Schnyder
Model: Willilicious Georgette

Avatar Appearance -
Skin: [CheerNo] Brent_Bronze_Malibu Base
Hair: [CheerNo] Hair NICCO [Diamond 0.2G]
Eyes: :: Exodi :: Look Into My (Brown)(Lg/V)

Apparel -
Outfit: ::: B@R ::: Wabisuke Kokuryu

Accessories -
Jewlery: Neckless: EarthStones Power Crystal - His - Moonstone
Ears: JCNY - ICONOCLAST, Classic Diamond Stud Earrings

Pose: [Miseria] Pose - 032