Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to be a model in sl!

Guest on the blog today Ms. Natalie Niven i love her to bits she owns and writes on slinworldtoday. she is noted also as a lovely sl model and dramamama of SL.

[9:21] NATALIE Niven: How to be a model in sl by Natalie Niven and Willilicious Georgette
[9:22] Willilicious Georgette: okay yall we gonna do this the gettho and ierland way
[9:22] NATALIE Niven: do u mean Ireland? lol
[9:22] NATALIE Niven: ok
[9:22] Willilicious Georgette: yes darlink i cant spell
[9:23] Willilicious Georgette: they know what i mean
[9:23] NATALIE Niven: first u need to blag ur way into a famous runway show or modelling agency
[9:23] Willilicious Georgette: thats why they shutting the fuck up
[9:23] NATALIE Niven: it helps if ur already famous btw
[9:23] Willilicious Georgette: mmmhmm yup then you gots to get free shits
[9:23] NATALIE Niven: yeah they give ya free dresses
[9:24] Willilicious Georgette: not the shit but free stuff.
[9:24] NATALIE Niven: if ur a diva like me you can demand an exchange on a fugly dress
[9:24] Willilicious Georgette: yes i seen her doo it she was like oh no this shit is ugly. sorry no walmark we want prada
[9:24] NATALIE Niven: but if ur not a diva ya just have took stupid lol
[9:25] NATALIE Niven: I mean too look*
[9:25] Willilicious Georgette: LOLOL
[9:25] NATALIE Niven: ok next up ya need to just turn up at the show and stand there till its ur turn to walk
[9:25] Willilicious Georgette: then you pres the fucking foard key ...
[9:25] Willilicious Georgette: foward*
[9:26] Willilicious Georgette: when is your turn to walk your fat ass down the runway
[9:26] NATALIE Niven: then ya just walk in a straight line down the runway fighting lag
[9:26] NATALIE Niven: u do this using the forward arrow keys
[9:27] Willilicious Georgette: mind you you could be drung hight or naked or not infront of you computer.
[9:27] Willilicious Georgette: drunk!
[9:27] Willilicious Georgette: sorry let me get the vodlka.
[9:27] NATALIE Niven: get me one
[9:27] NATALIE Niven: ok back to sl modelling 101
[9:27] Willilicious Georgette: sure darlink
[9:28] Willilicious Georgette grabs the bottle purs a galls for me then a BIG one fore nat.... hunny the irish love to drink......
[9:28] Willilicious Georgette: but back to the lesson....
[9:28] NATALIE Niven: if ya have a trip animation now would be the time to use it bearing in mind you will never get near a runway in ur slife again lol
[9:28] Willilicious Georgette passes nat a drink in rl...
[9:28] NATALIE Niven: lol thanks
[9:28] Willilicious Georgette: oh hunny i got that
[9:31] Willilicious Georgette: so now you walk your ass down the runway make sure to smile look thin suck in that gut and then stop at the fucking end dont fucking all off damit and pose. the need to take picture of you.
[9:31] NATALIE Niven: lol
[9:32] NATALIE Niven: ok so thats basically it lol sl modelling 101
[9:32] Willilicious Georgette: no no darlink you got to turn around not all the way around back down the runway while your naked sitting infrot of the computer... down the runway
[9:32] Willilicious Georgette: and the next bitch up!
[9:33] NATALIE Niven: ok the end now for the aftershow party
[9:33] Willilicious Georgette: go blow the organizer to get up in the world of modeling!
[9:33] NATALIE Niven: get drunk, cyber with some one famous just like a rl model lol
[9:33] NATALIE Niven: yeah
[9:33] Willilicious Georgette: ass and pussy world and if your a gasy man give him ass
[9:33] NATALIE Niven: lol

I got to love catching up with Nat and scaring the crap out of noobs.


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