Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ghetto Angel

the past week as been so fucking crazy its like what a fucking drama but to ignore that i have tried the nor thing and like i kinda got bored with it i will go back but eh just to shoot at bitches to release stress. well there's sex but i don't have sex with noobs. [and there is someone i like but shh don't tell ill give you a hint. アイラブ... lol you think i would tell you nope.] ive been chilling with robby and met a lot of cool friends like logan & voodoo. then i cant forget my drama momma sister ms Natlie (Nivian)Niven, and the slinworldtoday crew laughing our asses off oh i have been called now Willilicious Gorghetto lol love rocco to pieces and rawly posted that on slinworldtoday under the hearts i made LOLOL. maybe ill make it my banner when i do a story [that's ghetto ofcorse]. but then that will come soon once i think of it. oh i got a new skin! as shown in the banner. [wings are from sinful needs btw] and i fucking love it. It's from Rage Skins and omg i just feel so sexy. but don't take my word for it go try it your self's. my popa Butch from Get Butch and VITAMEN have new undies coming out they were featured @ Costa Rica's Fashion show [where the real fashionistas came out] just yesterday and it was fab. tho i think some people take things a bit to seriously.

[2009/02/21 12:39] Xxxxx Xxxx: Body hugging to show off the firm body of a water sportsman, it bares tiny grips on the knees to help maintain a firm grasp on the board.

are you fucking kidding me with the grips ? like we fucking right click and sit on shit we don't fucking slip off or surf boards. i was rolling in im with a designer he was like no way they said that.

i will be having some new Page Elements added soon to my layout like shops i go to and love.

-XOXO Willi

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