Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just so much going on.

omg the drama and the shit that just goes on and on i am so tired fo it and people telling me all theses hings im like wtf i don't want to here it some times i just want to have fun and build or dj well i had no net for a while then got it turned back on thanks to some help and me working on some things. well i tried to help hart and rael with harts club but didn't work out due to rl things but will see what the future holds. devilinside closed and that was way drama still going on to this day and then fire island got bought out with huge drama where the old owner thought he was going to make the discussions and just let someone else pay for it. give me a brake yea right. like if buy a land and let someone just use it you must be kidding. then drama with friends i muted 3 new people on my list and soon it will be 5 in all im just tired of it. its sad how i read some sl news blogs and they have nothing hen the fab slinworldtoday has the best good gossips and news. i love the one that rawly wrote.
You Might Be A Loser If..... weigh with words. that article kills me. in the next month there will be some big things and boy will it be so fucking good that ill just have to stick around and see it.

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