Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trash on a break.

so since i been busy with work (only a lil tho) its huge right now with fashion week and my cousin here visiting. i am taking a huge break from second life and all the trash that is in there. i realized that some people only come in because they are pathetic lowlife cunts who have no friends. yes that is the very truth. i came in cuz i wanted to escape my busy rl plus think about it what is better spent over 100usd on clubbing getting drunk then saving your money for nice things like a vacation or paying your bills you know the thing that comes every month... but some are so pathetic they don't pay their bills, cheat on there rl partners, start drama, ignore there children. hell my best friend in rl is in sl and she has kids guess what when they are acting out she takes care of them. sl is not what it used to be. look at the whole emerald scandal. pathetic. yes its okay for others to do a viewer but not the ones who really wanted to do it. i know im not leaving but i will stay till it burns down. i just wont care anymore the cunts that troll it. when you have age, wisdom, and good looks. people look and are jealous i see it first hand.