Monday, March 29, 2010

more fab quotes!

[13:57:14] Lion Jonesford: hi babe
[13:57:14] Willilicious Georgette: omg
[13:57:14] Ella Quinsette: pmsl
[13:57:18] Willilicious Georgette: um
[13:57:20] Willilicious Georgette: no.
[13:57:25] Ella Quinsette: lolol
[13:57:30] Lion Jonesford: wanna have me
[13:57:34] Ella Quinsette: lolol
[13:57:37] Willilicious Georgette: lion
[13:57:44] Willilicious Georgette: im so going to take a picture
[13:58:04] Willilicious Georgette: its so going in my profile

[2:32:26] NATALIE Niven: and my pussy sings the star spangled banner lol
[2:32:35] NATALIE Niven: with a cute irish accent
[2:32:37] Willilicious Georgette: omg

noob: hello
stig: do you wnat to fuck
noob: yes
stig: okay then fuck off

Exaggerations are best done in moderation.
I have a high DPS! (Digital Penis Size)
-HUGSaLOT Valkyrie

ONDUTY Penis whispers: Problem Currently no WhoreWare product provider online.

[14:50:58] Lion Jonesford: or he using this time vaseline for words
[14:51:00] Willilicious Georgette: drugs are bad.
[14:51:23] Willilicious Georgette: lion we homos upgraded we dontuse vaselen
[14:51:27] Willilicious Georgette: we use LUBE
[14:51:33] Lion Jonesford: ah kk
[14:51:38] Lion Jonesford: whats that btw
[14:52:21] Willilicious Georgette: lol
[14:52:22] Willilicious Georgette:
[14:52:29] Willilicious Georgette: there you go.
[14:52:35] Lion Jonesford: U...ughhh B boy E...ehhh
[14:52:38] Lion Jonesford: kk got it
[14:52:41] Willilicious Georgette: LOL

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gesturebating with my brother.

[23:56:42] Robby Questi: Boom, Willi likes to fart, boomboom, Willi likes fart a lot, boomboom, Willi likes to fart, boomboom
[23:56:52] Willilicious Georgette: Leave ROBBY alone!!!
[23:56:55] Willilicious Georgette: just cuz he burned his stove.
[23:56:57] Willilicious Georgette: Leave ROBBY alone!!!
[23:56:59] Willilicious Georgette: just cuz he burned his stove.
[23:57:06] Willilicious Georgette: :P~~~~
[23:57:08] Robby Questi: I dunno what that chicken head fool is talkin about!
[23:57:15] Willilicious Georgette: ...Oh my God...
[23:57:17] Willilicious Georgette: ...You're a big lez!...
[23:57:24] Robby Questi: ❤ OOH LET'S HAVE SEX ❤
[23:57:25] Chaz Lupindo: lool
[23:57:29] Willilicious Georgette: no
[23:57:31] Robby Questi: Now that was fun!
[23:57:33] Robby Questi: Am I smiling? I can't tell!
[23:57:39] Willilicious Georgette: YES! YES! YES! YES!
[23:57:43] Willilicious Georgette: YES! YES! YES! YES!
[23:57:45] Robby Questi: lmaoooooooo
[23:57:50] Willilicious Georgette: LOL
[23:57:50] Cannibis Coleslaw: lol
[23:57:56] Chaz Lupindo: lool

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pink Linden now we know why it was born....LOL

Some supposed fashionista said a pink linden was born now we see he was only fucking it up the ass.

sorry late post working on a new blog.

-Willi xoxo :>

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Funny Quotes! Cleaning out quotes i Saved.

Partying at tbone...

Jonathon Beattie: WHat's the theme tonight?
Jonathon Beattie: who should I be looking at?
Willilicious Georgette: GETON THAT BOARD CONTEST 1130!
Ian Prevost: cum where you are
Ian Prevost: no
Ian Prevost: cum as uyou are
Jonathon Beattie: Naw.....not fair for me to enter this late in the game
Willilicious Georgette: LOL
Willilicious Georgette: omg

taking pics at my home with nanaki and carley...

[10:51:15] Nanaki Raymaker: I miss REAL mesical food
[10:51:15] Nanaki Raymaker: :(
[10:51:19] Nanaki Raymaker: maxican
[10:51:26] Nanaki Raymaker: :P
[10:51:29] Carley Benazzi: lol
[10:51:30] Willilicious Georgette: LOL

at Nats rezday party

(voice convo)
Willi : LOL shes for this quote in her profile "Dress shabbily and they remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman." - Coco Chanel and yet shes naked.
Nat : repeats the quote and adds "Dress Naked and take a pic of it placing it in your profile and your a Hurrrrrr!"
Willi : Translation Hurrrrr = WHORE!
Blazin: LMFAO

on a trip to the vagina!

[6:06] Aristoteles Allen: this is disgusting
[6:06] Aristoteles Allen: nope
[6:06] Ashliegh Aeon is Offline
[6:07] Ashliegh Aeon is Online
[6:08] Ashliegh Aeon: the vagina made me crash
[6:08] Willilicious Georgette: wb ash
[6:08] Ashliegh Aeon: eek!
[6:08] Ashliegh Aeon: lmao
[6:08] Ashliegh Aeon: hahahaha
[6:08] Ashliegh Aeon: lol
[6:19] Ashliegh Aeon is Offline
[6:19] SeanD Serpente is Offline
[6:20] Ashliegh Aeon is Online
[6:20] Ashliegh Aeon: The vagina had to get me ONE last time
[6:20] Ashliegh Aeon: ffs
[6:21] Ashliegh Aeon: lmao
[6:21] Ashliegh Aeon: haha
[6:24] Ashliegh Aeon is Offline

parting with deka at a femboy club

[13:32] Deka Triellis giggles and waves his pen0r at Will... just for the hell of it x3. Teehee x3
[13:33] Willilicious Georgette: ahah

taking to rawly lol

[20:57] Willilicious Georgette: rawly i got an idea
[20:57] Willilicious Georgette: we should make a group that is realy exclusive
[20:58] Willilicious Georgette: it would kill ammon orhis many peronalityes to try to get in it
[20:58] Rawly Rousselot: has anyone ever told you
[20:58] Rawly Rousselot: that you are a total dorkzilla?
[20:58] Willilicious Georgette: yes but i wear it well :)

at a club with the girls lol

[17:10] Stardust Pink: OMG! dellla
[17:10] Stardust Pink: I CAN SMELL YOUR CUNT!!
[17:10] Della Charlan: ~*~ Get in that bathroom and clean your twat!! ~*~
[17:10] Willilicious Georgette: There is no need for that dirrty language.. you dirrty mouth..
[17:10] Mikeila Waco: SHUTCHO ASS UP LIL BITCH!
[17:10] Della Charlan: lol

[17:18] Mikeila Waco: Dear Willi, i like the songs you play when you DJ. the end Love Mik
[17:18] Mikeila Waco: hahaa
[17:18] Ashliegh Aeon: lol

[12:09] Mikeila Waco: indivisibel