Sunday, November 29, 2009

Days of our Slives. and everything inbetween LOLz

lord where do i start how i'm tired of working at a places i'm at. how i don't talk to certain cunts cuz one there immature or they only do things to hurt people. how i don't go to certain places cuz of sl cunts cuz there users and think their a sleberty. why im getting tired of people sending blind tps and private i'm group chats to "come see me dj". why is sl getting so fucking laggy and some the things they need to fix. oh why everyone seems to want to be a fucking dj all of a sudden again. and why certain djs who i think are complete cunts still in sl? why is it that some people to them self are still in sl? oh did you hear that sl is a drug and if not taken like a grain of salt... sorry but no one leaves sl unless there really dead and i mean not dead as in they killed their account but actually died? you know when you sell out your soul to cunts in sl. you become a cunt. oh never date an alt btw or partner one. why? cuz they will fuck you over. oh btw dont you love alts i see them all the time hmm under 30days old and got a skin good hair and ao? lolz please i know its 2009 but no one learns that fast. now im trying to save some sims from going under cuz one dumb person then one is MIA the other two are not well and i hope will soon get better. thank gods for good family and friends :)

kisses -Willi

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And another year goes by.

isn't it crazy? im 3 years in sl. funny i look back on everything that's happened here, and I wouldn't change a fucking thing. :) looking forward to what this year brings.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MMhmm i spend my money betches :)

yep go and hate. cuz guess what? im doing me and yall who hating on me and my peoples just jealous. cuz why?

"We spend our money on all theses things."

Updates coming soon on my fab slife :)