Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Funny Quotes!

Hello to all my lovely Family and Friends. Not to mention the Haters as well. ;) Slife has been so crazy ill fill you in on the juicy details in my next post. so i need to start posting these funny quotes as i just don't have anymore picks space.

These are from my profile right now, as ill be switching them out.

Rawly Rousselot: (in voice) we be up in "cosatarica" sims

[19:46] Ylusive Surface: MY HIPPOS ARE BROKED YO
[19:46] Ylusive Surface: imma relog I'm having lag-o-rama

[22:00] Ylusive Surface: I got "no valid parcel found" what the hell... are you in the Burmuda Triangle

[18:46] Willilicious Georgette: im singing kate perry i kised a girl
[18:46] Willilicious Georgette: i a lez
[18:46] Ylusive Surface: ew you kissed a girl?
[18:46] Willilicious Georgette: lol
[18:46] Ylusive Surface: YOU LEZ!
[18:46] Willilicious Georgette: :P
[18:46] Ylusive Surface: IM TELLIN

[6:01] Robby Questi: Where'are all these homosexicals started comin from? @_o

Robby Questi: (in voice) my mommy never put me on birth control.

[19:29] briggs Hammerer gave you Jizzed In My Pants!

Rocco Silverstar : (in voice) Hi Willilicious Gorghetto

Rocco Silverstar : (in voice) naw the charter should say " Mind your fucking buissness. But will mind yours."

[2:38] Butch Adzebills: "You're the most amazingly magnetic man I've ever met."
[2:38] Willilicious Georgette: who?
[2:38] Butch Adzebills: would you describe me as that?
[2:39] Willilicious Georgette: um no...lol
[2:39] Butch Adzebills: bitch

[1:41] Jt Volos: /luca (no sound)

[19:59] Micah Kuhn: humpday = drama day
[19:59] Micah Kuhn: its me
[19:59] Micah Kuhn: im callin for pizza
[19:59] Micah Kuhn: I want fag pizza STAT
[19:59] Kurogane Graves: loool
[19:59] Kurogane Graves: LOOOOL
[19:59] Micah Kuhn: :D
[19:59] Micah Kuhn: I love all you fags tho ; ;

[4:00] Divine Avalanche: no
[4:00] Willilicious Georgette: lol dont no me!
[4:01] Divine Avalanche: i no you as much as i wants !

Kadie Pinkenda:(in voice) I love bang bang chicken.

[16:32] NATALIE Niven: I am natalie, I am virginal,innocent and nice:)
[16:33] NATALIE Niven: Wha?!

[14:26] Rob1977 Moonites: I have a t-shirt that says I love butt sex :D
[14:27] NATALIE Niven is Offline

[20:49] Mykel Johin: Thanks Willi, love you, in a heterosexual way :)
[20:49] Willilicious Georgette: lol!

[0:00] Xochi Tolsen: I am SOOOOOO not a celebrity lol

[5:53] Willilicious Georgette: the thing is its easy to lie infront of a computer
[5:53] Protogenes Ewing: yes, it should be called Second Lie

[23:50] Finnegan Chesnokov: are you magically delicious?
[23:51] Willilicious Georgette: yes i am magically delicious

[21:16] Saren Inglewood gave you Anti-Drama Spray with Asshole Repellant.

[8:23] Rawly Rousselot: only in sl and maybe south beach would you see a gay demon in a thong with a big bag of kfc

[19:11] Rawly Rousselot: "selected as one of the most fuckable cartoon characters by a bulllshit magazine that my asskissing social climbing friend owns"

[18:47] Willilicious Georgette farts on them
[18:47] Rawly Rousselot: y'all ain't married
[18:47] Rawly Rousselot: you can't be doin that up in here!!!
[18:47] Rawly Rousselot: this here's a respectable house!!!

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