Thursday, June 26, 2008

Drama, Gossip and everything inbetween.

where do i start um lets see i have been so bust the past 3 days. its crazy i just was in some drama good friend of mine Kads needed to take time of SL. She Gave me her Club. it was a Big of a shock but im not surprised with a the drama that was floating then a cat fight. bit im going to make this work and Get the Club and Mall to its full Potential. i have a very good friend Clarke who is the General Manger we discussed good ideas and so on for the club. im just kind of scared with the rent i owned land once but i had some money when i rented this is totally different cuz i dont make that much in sl i build and stuff but i never cared about the money. and now i have to so make the rent. with that DEVILinside is on CPR cuz since Monday i haven't been there and some people have left. some things were discussed in IM about the club and what might happen but thats private. I hope they will be okay. i do care about that club alot.but im kinda torn cuz i think i might have to leave Di as wel cuz i need to spend as much time i can on !PiNKBiTZ!. eh i guess its just another crazy time in sl.

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Kadie Pinkenba said...

I love you lil bro!!! K x