Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things that irritate me

i cleaned or my sl profile cuz the trash that im commenting on is trash dont need to be in my profile

-dont try to copy my avi sorry there is only 1 Willilicious Georgette
-people who copy my designs are just sad you cant come up with your own
-dont just friend add me you will be rejected
-if you add me then delete you are rejected permanently
-if you take my pic you better share with me
-do not put my pic on something in something with out my consent
-i do not model for anyone dont ask
-strange tps you will be deleted and muted

-masters who have slave accounts and vice-versa
-men with to many weapons you got a small dick we know
-slaves who greet Tal to a Free
-retarded fgs sgs fbs sbs who think there Free
-master who abuse there slaves
-cock hungry masters and slaves
-slaves who greet kajirus or kajira
-slaves who correct Free what i say is right I am Free
-when i see a slave title Caped im irritated. boy girl slut beast should not be Caped

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