Wednesday, September 10, 2008

inv crap

you want to talk shit about me go right the fuck ahead. cuz you are just jealous that i am me and i don't got to hide behind computer screen. you are jealous cuz i got friends. you are jealous that i have a rl and s life when you are stuck there in your sl world. your mad that i look good and i got a hot bf and i ain't on your dick or you ain't on mine grow. the fuck up. you want to say shit about me say it to my face bitches say it to my face. you bitches posting shit as anonymous cuz your to scared to show it. why don't you go play with your lil dick. or let your daddy suck you off and fuck you. and for the people talking shit about my friends thats where im pissed you dont fucking know them and you are just a jelious cunt cuz luca yes he is 19 did what you could not do cuz your an old nasty bastard. IF YOU DONT STOP TAKING SHIT CUZ YOU CANT SAY IT TO OUR FACE. YOU WIL GET YOURS YOU CUNTS YOU WIL GET YOURS.

fyi i don't need to hide behind a computer i know who the fuck i am i come from jersey fucking city i'm 24 and 6'2" 300lbs i got a college degree in fashion design & merchandising. yea im a ghetto bitch and this bitch will fuck your ass up. so step the fuck up to me. have a nice day :)