Monday, June 15, 2009

Mode Party!!!

Video by StudioRed Founder/CEO Xochi Tolsen

Got the hot invite to the MODE party. so I went Partied with my peeps so fun listening to DJ Kromus (hes hot to bad hes str8 and taken darn it :P) always love partying with them had an awesome time. I Get an im this morning from the lovely Ms Tolsen tell me to watch the video. And like ZOMG im in the video! im like yay :P watch the video im in it @ 1:48! HOO!!! LOL... thanks for making my day hun!

Outfit is:
Shades: FNKY! P-Driver
Shirt: A.C. Store - a.C STD.DEKO's.collect - SweetGuy* Jacket
Pants: !ZB: Zoo Jeans [black]
Shoes: SOREAL Superstars EXTENDED (SSPX01)

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