Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Rantings...

i think i been in sl to long. i been going out more to rl and seeing how people are dumb in sl. i have been weeding out my buddy list. kinda am tired of the fake people. some think there the hot shit cuz they build, own a shop, have a site, or blog even. honestly your a fucking avatar and everything is a pixel. "I own a Sim", "I'm a Builder", "I'm a Model", "I'm a Dj", "I own a Club", lord get over yourself. I know for a fact we sit at our computer naked, in our underwear, and or just dressed but not like were famous or anything. I'm sorry but non of us are Heidi Klum or Brad Pitt sitting there pressing keys and were famous give me a break. There are people who are Notable and yes are famous but those are the real people who are down to earth. Theses people don't get the recondition of what sl is all about. Socializing making friends for life and just having fun. Drama is so 2008. But I know it wont go away.

I have made so many good friends and i am grateful for the ones that are like family to me and the ones who are my friends cuz they like me for me and not cuz they try to use me. and they have been there for me when I needed an ear or so on.

I have been told by some friends to do several ventures to do I want to open my own shop again but this time I think ill add buildings to it more. not sure yet.

Djing is a blast. but its getting on my nerves with everyone wanting to be a dj there are djs out there gos there so good. and they don't get the recognition that they deserve. then there are the djs who show up late who dont play anything good who charge way to much for well crap. and yet they get recognized? dose anyone see the problem with this? i don't mix but shit my price for djing are fair and i do it for fun not a job. seems the ones who do it as a job there just tired and boring. and the ones who do it for fun. are the best ones. i love one of them very much no names but he helped me be a better dj. he knows i thank him very much for everything.

What is going on with linden labs? the Major Grid Crash, things not loading, voice going in and out the chat conferences not working , voice not working , things missing , scripts not working, its just a nightmare. they are dealing with so much xstreetsl then the new adult content. i think its to much tor LL and they bit of more then they could chew. like honestly every time i get one then survey i say "LL when will you fix things stop making sl more pretty and deal with the issues at hand. honestly slb6 is a joke cuz well why celebrate they haven't done nothing. nothing against anyone who did slb6 it looks okay and i like the whole futuristic thing but its kinda cramped in some parts. doesn't look fluid.

well thats my rant for now.




Terry said...

Bravo dude I agree 100%

Willilicious Georgette said...

thanks terry

Diarmuid said...

I so hear you Wil.. at the end of the day, SL is SL.. It's a part of our RL.. but what we see, are just pixels on a screen. True beauty comes from within... and although as a skin designer.. I believe.. what a person is on the inside is much more important than mere appearance.

People judge others in SL based on the colour of avi skin they use, people believe they are beautiful based on how they set their avatar's proportions.. people even go as far as ignoring those who mattered all because of some form of SL fame. SOrry... but if a person cannot handle SL fame.. how can they cope if they had gotten real fame?

At the end of the day.. no matter how it is coated.. the most important people in SL are the lindens.. and then afterward.. everyone else in equal measure.. not me as an individual... but everyone!

People need to get a grip! In the end.. what applies in RL applies in SL.. we are all equal.. There is no rich or poor.. no black or white, and no nationality.. We're a diverse community, and we're all in this together, so these people should take their heads from down from the clouds , and keep their petty mentality at the door.. that is so last century =)

ANyhoo... you got me all ranting.. and i havent even had my breakfast yet.. lol


Willilicious Georgette said...

ZOMG D you hit on point with so much thanks for understanding.