Friday, June 26, 2009

Controling of the internet.... WTF?!

I Have heard that the government of Australia with the help of some dumb ass Senator. Has now put into effect that most online games with violence and sex and or anything.

Time to put my two cents into this. its funny how theses politicians around the world want to ban things cuz they don't like it. its other things they should think about. like why is it that child porn is still on the net. why haven't they ban that huh? why they got to ruin the fun for people who are socializing and or yes having intimate affairs and or role playing. so what?! you have the choice to look at it, if you don't want to, Then don't fucking look at it. k the ghettoness is coming out. Who the fuck Senator for Victoria Stephen Conroy thinks he is? Cuz I bet his dumb kid got on sl and was playing it with out his knowledge and was talking to adults. Fucking with some person who is not there age. In any game even messengers or even emails theirs sex/intimacy or violence. What there going to ban that to cuz someone is typing up a sex story? or a story about war? theses people think they know the public when they don't they are out of touch with real people. Why is it that war moves get on the big screen or killing but when sex or love or killing in a game mind you its not aloud. I do not understand that.


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