Friday, April 16, 2010

Why I dislike Many people in SL.

If you think your something RL and your tying to bring it in to this virtual world. It will not work. In SL only emotions Show and people hide behind that computer screen. People who have a complex thinking they are something cuz they Own Land(s)/Sim(s), DJ, Model, be a Builder. I see many of them and i laugh right in front of there pixel avi face. Why you are thinking. well fist think about people who are real in sl. People who are nice to actual people no picking not being a bitch they live there sl life full of peace and joy. People who are humble in rl are humble in sl. Now the ones who are bitchy and think they are all that. They have nothing in rl & sl they are trying to be so popular and keep the same people like them around, cuz they never had it so they want it here with that thought of a second life a second chance at it. Think of it like this. An sl model they go to modeling school to what edit their appearance? Learn how to walk give me a break. you could be sitting there anorexia or fat as a whale doing god knows what as your walking down that sl runway. DJ schooling as well? RL dj in sl? if your so good then dj in RL not here. i understand with age it is hard to get around but if your so good you could be out there and not in here being a diva. I learned to DJ reading and finally someone who i thank everyday that helped me with my Djing. He called me and walked me threw it. Some builders charge astronomical amounts for a building or clothing for what fame & fortune? Remember you could be hot one min and the next your not. just like rl.

Moral of this story. if your going to be in sl play nice or you will fell the wrath of me and many other who are fed up with cunts.

to my friends who know me yes the list grows. lmao
-winks Willi



I agree...
Nobody is special in rl or sl. We are just fools stumbling around doing the best we can!

Quagmire said...

Willi, you said a mouthfull in the post entry. I am going to post a link to it on my blog. I wish I could still afford to throw parties and have dj's, as you are one of the good guys, and I will ask you to dj again I am sure in the future when things settle. And yes the list still grows. Wink ;)

Willilicious Georgette said...

your not a fool ziggy your still human. humans i like. people i dont.

thanks quag ill be there for you and rickie you know that.