Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some People Have No Life.

LOL people need to get a REAL LIFE. /me laughs

like a real job so they can pay for their cell phone.

get a real man instead of fucking a gay boy or a jailed man.

get a man that will acutely sleep with them then fuck there sl sister.

oh wait get unban listed for copy botting .. thank you sl designers. =)

/me laughs so hard.

but then they have no life.

-Love Venomous Bitch.


Julie said...

-My job is not your concern

-I have a man and have had him for four years.. wheres your tubby?

-I get laid in one week more then you will your whole fat fucking life you shit stain.

-I am not banned anymore FYI FAGOT

but then I have a RL so I don't need to DJ,club,stalk & play in SL to validate my life unlike you.
I love how hard you ACT but when I called your bitches out on being whores you and them ran crying to LL.
I mean I am glad I never pussied out when you screamed at me on voice I sat there laughing the whole time.. and when you said you would find me in GA!! OMG LOL
Get a fucking atlas you dumb bitch I live in knoxville TN.
Get over yourself, look in the mirror your not a cartoon with muscles and a harry chest your a fat, sloppy, fagot who will NEVER be anything more then what he is RIGHT NOW.

The Cunt You Wish You Were

Claire said...

This message is for the one and only Brett Mertel...... firstly Danny has never, and would never be any sister of mine, so eat your words in refering to her as one. I purely started talking to her again cause she apolagised to my ass and not many people like her so i gave her the benefit of the doubt.
Secondly as for showing my cunt and dildo pics to her trashy ex, well she wasnt even with him at the time, and big fucking deal, there pics, get over it, at least i didnt fuck him like her sister cascada did, and at least i warned her what a fucking player he was, still she chose to ignore the advise we gave and still spoke to his ass on the phone which he made us listen in on while he cussed and laughed at her many of times.Anyway we seem to all have a big issue here with willis weight, erm point? he seems happy with the way he looks so why the fuck are you all so concerned all of a sudden? at least he has money to feed his ass, im down for the big bois not some drugged up fragile anorexic fool. So before you go ahead and type shit next time at least make sure its right, cause everything you stated about me was bullshit, and so was pretty much all the other crap.