Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Avatar and The Alter Ego [The Young and The Restless]

Wow i haven't blogged in like forever been having way to much fun in sl and rl. Where shall I start... Well I have been Djing a lot and been partying a lot. i been djing at my friends club called "CLUB ONYX" very cute and mixed crowd. I been playing a mix of club and hip hop music depending on my mood the owners mood and the event LOL. It's nice to mix it up. :) Also been djing and decorating at "BAD BOYS" helping out Justin and Joaopedro. That's going to be a weekly thing or monthly party thing that Justin and I are coming up with themes. We just did a beach theme and joao loves it and it's still there lol. A cool place I love to party at is "Atlantis 2100" Owned by Braden the whole sim is used with different locations where the hot parties happen they just recently opened a new summer location at the sim called "Leviathan". Also a new club "ATONEMENT" has opened on the Insllico Sims that Cannon and Throne have designed and wow its hot the Grand Opening was fun [laggy tho lol] but Dj Fine and Dj Kromus got teh party jumping. Besides that I been hanging out with my friends chilling on the land my baby brother and I live on. Just redid the land and its a tropical island. I Just found out today I won the blog contest on Jc's blog "Jordyn Carnell" [1:56] Jordyn Carnell: hello mr blog contest follower winner.. here ya go! . I'm cracking up cuz I so was like I'm not going to win this. and the pic he used lmao that's so not me. i wish. lmao. that's all for now see yas in world.

xox Willi




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