Thursday, March 12, 2009

Funny Gesture :)

[18:21] Robby Questi: Top 10 Signs You Might Be Addicted Too Second Life

[18:21] Robby Questi: # 10.When checking out at a Grocery store You sign your Av name instead of your own

[18:22] Robby Questi: # 9. You Tell Your Mom You Will Tp Over In 5 Min

[18:22] Robby Questi: # 8.When a friend ask you for directions, you offer to give him a landmark or a tp

[18:22] Robby Questi: # 7.You jump up into the air, thinking you can fly.

[18:22] Robby Questi: # 6.When someone asks to borrow your notes in class, you tell them they are no-transfer.

[18:22] Robby Questi: # 5.When you walk, and say to yourself, "/ao on"

[18:22] Robby Questi: # 4.You start using the words "Rez"and "Prim"

[18:22] Robby Questi: # keep trying to right click things...

[18:22] Robby Questi: # 2.when you look in the mirror and think, "I need to adjust my appearance".

[18:22] Robby Questi: #1. When you are in getting intimate with someone, you look for poseballs and ask your partner why the blue menu isn't there?

1 comment: said...

Mmm, yes, I'm guilty of a few of these.. plus I keep trying to "cam around" inside photoshop now.... he he he.

Thanks for the link, over on your "about" page. :-)

Stacia Villota