Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hollywood Done Right... The Plastics?

Blazin Aubret & Maddox DuPont Birthday Party

(sorry no pictures computer is not rezzing properly as do to the update if you search there are some floating around)

I have been talking to Blazin for about a week now. She's funny as hell and from the east coast like myself. I never met her till the night of her RL Birthday Party. I received the invite was so shocked since I'm just me and no one special that owns anything ie Sims or Business. So the night of the party I got the I'm that the party was up and running. Getting dressed gods was another thing but i got there. Absolutely fab everyone dressed up in such a beautifully designed sim and the party area looking just like you where back in the 1940's of old Hollywood. Just like in the movies. Everyone partying and chatting, Dj Azu pumping out the beats.

Then i noticed there is something going on undetected to the noob eyes.
Have you noticed how girls go to the bathroom in groups? one says i got to use the bathroom then all other fallow?

They are "The Plastics"

Well I noticed lets call them "The Fashionistas". (cus i ain't outing no one but im sure you will find out later on oh well.) Well if the head of "The Fashionistas" shows up then you get the rest trickling in after. They party have fun talk to each other mostly or there close friends or associates. (some times having private ims while the party is going on.)

"The Fashionistas Group Chat"

Head: Did you see what he was wearing? so last year.
2nd: ugh my shoes look fug. im not happy with this hair i bought.
Head: oh shut up how do i look and you better say fab.
2nd: you look good
General: you look fab
Noob 1: Sexy! rawr
Noob 2: Hot
Head: Yes I am Fab.
General: look who just walked in that bitch he thinks hes so cute with his new shop but in reality hes just sad.
Head: you got any thing on him yet?
General: nothing yet but i will dig more
General: see that nasty bitch there his skin is full permitions.
Head: Oh real how did you hear that?
Germinal: Well I was over at Rashcova Designs and I over heard on voice as he talked to his fag hag he got the skin on full permissions his friend asked why and how? he said he was prostituting and the guy he couldn't pay so he gave him the skin and he forgot it was full perms. she was shocked and asked why when the skin designer has all the skins for sale and the sim. he was like he's dead broke but he wanted my ass and dick anyway. but he told her that he arranged for another fuck and tat he will get another skin for the fuck.
Head: dam that's sad what a hoe
2nd: OMG lawd
Noob 1: giggles
Noob 2: dam his ass and dick must be that good that hes getting free stuff. lmao.

These conversations last during the duration of the party or show. Once the "Head" of the group leaves or there are "Other Heads" they leave in droves. "The Head" and some of the "noobs" (theses are not real noobs but the ones that worship "The Heads" or Owners) then "The Second in Command" and finally "The General" then they all vacate. its very interesting to see the cliques just like in the movie "Mean Girls" and in high school.

My question is can you spot the cliques? Who are the the ones in command and second and general? Are Cliques good or bad? Are you in a group? Do you lead or fallow? tell me your opinions.

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