Sunday, March 30, 2008

pissed pissed pissed

CALL ME A BITCH CALL ME IT I FUCKING HATE COPY CATS THEM SON OF A BITCHES WHO COPY MY DESIGNS OR MY FRIENDS DESIGNS YOU ARE TRASH I HAVE lowered my prices everything 100L for everything i'm not here to make money! here just to have fun in sl you people go by trash its fine with me ill just keep my customers happy with good designs that are not stolen but form made up with good inspiration and time in making them...

-Georgette- @ Beyond The Veil -

If you like other good Male silks hit up these shops:
Oasis Silks @
Divisadero Creations (im not sure if his shops are still around but hes very good)
*The Silk Raven* @

and for the best Veils in Second Life!

Beyond The Veil @


#1 Best Gay Club IN SL!

ICE - Mens Lifestyle Mall

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